CNC means computer numerical control, a technology used in the subtractive production process. China CNC machining technology involves using computer-aided tools to remove layers of stock materials. You do this until the making of the desired final and custom parts.

CNC machining is widely used in developing:

  • New products
  • Product prototyping
  • End-product manufacturing
  • rapid tooling

It’s ideal to use in many different metals and plastic CNC machining materials. These materials include glass, foam, metal, plastic, ceramic, wood, and composite. Many companies can use CNC machining. The CNC machining long-term use enables one to automate machining capabilities. They will deliver more complex parts with speed, precision, and excellence.

CNC operations

The first CNC milling service 

CNC milling is a fabrication technique done using high-speed automated cutting machines. The machines aid in getting rid of unwanted (waste) materials from any part. You can get the CNC materials in different capacities, axial configurations, and sizes. They work with many materials like resigns, plastics, and aluminum.

The CNC millings designs are only for hard machining materials. The hard materials include titanium and stainless steel with high accuracy and precision.

The CNC turning service (first part)

Operations of CNC turning get designed to make final components. These components have radial and axial holes, grooves, internal diameters, and slots. The CNC turning areas can handle high-speed turning both for metals and plastics. They make the final parts with the following features:

Unique external geometries


Internal bores

Cylindrical features

CNC machining advantages in this first part

The CNC machining abilities allow one to enjoy the advantage of:






With more than 25 engineering-grade materials, the machining services will allow you to work with your preferred materials. You won’t be able to compromise functionality, cost, and speed. CNC machining helps you meet a wide range of product development needs. The following are the critical advantages of precision CNC machining:

CNC machining application

Rapid tooling, low volume manufacturing, and rapid prototyping worldwide are leading in the first part. You can apply CNC precision machining in the following areas:

Mold making or rapid tooling

You can use CNC and other technologies to make accurate and highly detailed tooling parts in manufacturing high-volume components. You can also use the CNC in creating die-casting molds, different master patterns, and injection molding molds.

Low/little volume manufacturing

CNC machining is a perfect technique to create low volume prototype units, bridge to market, or product component units of the final parts.

The finishing services

The CNC turning and milling can aid in delivering excellent touches to finish all parts machined and all those manufactured by other means. They all aim at improving aesthetics and surface quality.


Many CNC machine videos have shown that many industries use CNC machines to create highly detailed metal pieces cuts for industrial hardware products. Some of the common products that CNC machining produce are metal automotive parts, steel aeroscope components, plastic consumer pieces, and wooden decorations pieces. You will enjoy the advantage of speed, cost, size, and volume when you manufacture your products.


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